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Armed conflict. Economic disaster. Food crisis.

They expose children to abuse and exploitation of all kinds. Children are forced into battle, child marriage or hazardous labour. You might turn away in anger – but justice demands that we act. Raw Hope helps children in some of the toughest, most dangerous places of all, restoring lives and preserving futures. Join us and help protect children today.

In the Central African Republic, a pair of boys are playing in barren land.

Childhoods under assault: Stories from the field.

Teenaged boy in Africa sits on bench in destroyed building, looking intently into camera.

Restoring a child soldier

Lionel joined a Central African Republic militia in order to stay alive. But the reality of child soldiers was more than he could bear.

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Teenaged girl in Africa stands by corrugated metal door, looking away from us toward refugee camp.

The night her girlhood ended

Marie lost her childhood the night she was abducted, raped and forced to marry a rebel soldier in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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A young girl within a crowd cries as she walks towards safety.

Your voice can make a difference

Together, we can influence the Canadian government to help protect the world’s children. Your voice matters!

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Help ensure a child’s security by strengthening their family and community. Through child sponsorship, your monthly support provides a child with access to things like education and healthcare. We advocate for children and teach them about their rights – empowering children for the future.

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