Democratic Republic of Congo

Working With Children in the Democratic Republic of Congo

World Vision Democratic Republic of Congo is responding to widespread natural disasters and armed conflict with emergency response efforts, particularly in the eastern part of the country. We provide food aid, nutrition and health care and humanitarian protection—including the reintegration of displaced families and children.

  More generally, World Vision works with the support of sponsors, Raw Hope supporters, and the Government of Canada to reach the most vulnerable families and children in the Democratic Republic of Congo. With partner organizations, we focus on child protection, essential health care for young children and mothers, access to water and sanitation, and helping families increase their income. 

Your impact in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Together, we’re making real change in the lives of children, families and communities. Just some of what was achieved with Canadian support in the past year:
Boys and girls are safe and valued, well cared-for by their families and participating in their communities as agents of transformation.

  • 7,226 children in the Democratic Republic of Congo received birth certificates, ensuring their access to basic rights and services like health care and schooling
  • 3,528 child and adult victims of abuse or exploitation received counselling and resources to help them recover
  • 31 child parliaments are empowering young people to advocate for their rights and participate in community decisions
  • 126 spiritual leaders partnered with World Vision Canada to bring positive changes in the lives of children and families
Children and families are well nourished, protected from infection and disease and have access to essential health services.

  • 97,443 children and women received mosquito nets, protecting them against diseases such as dengue, malaria and Zika
  • 8,862 women were counselled on how to properly care for themselves and their babies during and after pregnancy
  • 72,966 children and women were vaccinated to protect them against preventable diseases
  • 1,019 malnourished children were enrolled in nutritional programs and monitored to ensure they are growing healthy
Children and families have access to safe water and sanitation facilities, and training in hygiene practices to stay healthy.

  • 27 water sources are providing access to safe water and protecting children and families against waterborne diseases
  • 30,705 individuals including children have safe water for drinking and cooking thanks to new or repaired water sources
  • 490 latrines in homes, schools or the community are providing improved access to sanitation for children and families
  • 40,963 adults and children in the Democratic Republic of Congo learned about the importance of water safety, proper sanitation and hygiene to stay healthy
Adults and youth acquire knowledge and skills, and gain access to resources, to help them increase their family income.

  • 423 savings groups are helping children and adults save money and access loans to grow businesses or cover basic expenses
  • 1,508 youths and adults were equipped to earn increased income through apprenticeships, or vocational and business training
  • 3,792 farmers learned techniques to improve crop and livestock production to better provide for their children and families
  • 1,375 farmers received livestock, seeds or tools to improve productivity and better provide for their children and families

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