Two women smiling at each other holding merchandise

DAY 4 


How’s your back feeling this morning? Today’s challenge might make you even more uncomfortable – wear the same clothes you wore yesterday. Post your same-clothes selfie on social media with the hashtag #M25Challenge and tell your friends why you’re doing this challenge.






      Choolwe’s story


        This is Choolwe (on the right, holding the baby) and her family in Zambia. They don’t          have a lot to wear. In fact, Choolwe can only wash her family’s clothes about twice a          month — because it’s a 2-hour roundtrip to collect water.  If you’re feeling awkward          and uncomfortable today, think about the simple luxury of having plenty of clothes            and  the means to wash them, and pray for those who lack those options.




Tonight, reflect on your challenge …

Did you feel uncomfortable wearing your clothes twice?
Did anyone comment about it? What was that like?
                        How much clothing is in your closet? What if you could only do the wash 1-2x/month?


Pray for children who don’t have all the basics they need, like clothing. Pray for them to stay warm and protected.