Game of Thrones star Liam Cunningham’s unforgettable photos to mark World Refugee Day

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•    World Vision’s “Untold: Behind the Headlines” will be held in the West Wing of Toronto’s Union Station from June 18-20 
•    Standing #WithRefugees, the free event features new photos from Liam Cunningham, interactive virtual and augmented reality experiences
(June 18, 2019)
MISSISSAUGA, Ont. – World Vision Canada will host Game of Thrones actor Liam Cunningham’s exclusive photo exhibition to mark World Refugee Day. The photos will be on display in the West Wing of Toronto’s Union Station from June 18-20, 2019 as part of “Untold: Behind the Headlines”. The event also offers a view into the lives of courageous children living in the world’s most dangerous places through interactive virtual and augmented reality experiences.  

Cunningham, who played Ser Davos Seaworth in the popular TV series Game of Thrones, travelled with World Vision last year to meet refugees affected by the civil war in South Sudan. His series of never-before-seen portraits show the challenges faced by those forced to flee their homes due to conflict – a reality for more than 28 million children around the world. 

“In South Sudan, I met some of the most powerful, inspirational people I have ever experienced. I met mainly women and children, and they had witnessed violence no one should ever have to endure. Children who had witnessed their parents being murdered, and then were forced to become child soldiers,” Liam Cunningham said, speaking about his trip in 2018.

“The situation was dire but the spirit of these people was unstoppable and inspirational. The people I met are fighting back. Not with guns or weapons, but with grace and with determination. I have tried, through the portraits I took, to share the stories of these amazing individuals. It was an honour to meet them,” Cunningham added.

The event also features virtual and augmented reality technology, which enables visitors to virtually walk through a child friendly space for refugee children. It gives participants a glimpse beyond news headlines to see real inspiring stories of children, many of whom have faced horrific circumstances. 

“Every child deserves to grow up in an environment where they feel safe,” said Michael Messenger, President and CEO of World Vision Canada. “World Vision is committed to coming alongside the millions of vulnerable children who are on the move as refugees or living in dangerous places. This World Refugee Day, we want to focus on these courageous children and invite Canadians to join us in creating real and lasting change for children.”

Quick Facts: 
•   70.8-million people have been forced from their homes, the most since World War Two (UNHCR)
•   37,000 people a day, or 25 people a minute are forced to flee their homes because of conflict or persecution (UNHCR)
•    80% of the world’s poorest will live in places of war and disaster within the next 10 years (OECD)

Photo Caption: Liam Cunningham speaks to a displaced woman during his visit to South Sudan. Source: World Vision