Local Canadian cyclists begin 1100 kilometre journey for clean water

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#Wheels for Wells tour from Vancouver to Calgary aims to raise funds for Somalia

We’ll unite as a team locally, push barriers globally and save lives internationally,” says Sarah Fillier, Wheels for Wells CEO. Wheels for Wells donations support World Vision’s clean water projects. Photo/World Vision/Wheels for Wells
(July 28, 2017)

VANCOUVER, BC - Canadian grassroots charity Wheels for Wells, is setting off on their sixth annual bike tour with the goal of raising $14,000 for a World Vision clean water project in Somalia. Seven world-class athletes will ride 1100 kilometres from Vancouver to Calgary in just five days.

As a gesture of solidarity with people living in drought-ravaged Somalia, riders will be equipped with LifeStraw portable filters, drinking only the water they can source along their route.

Wheels for Wells has raised over $177,000 for World Vision water projects in Kenya, Somalia, Sudan and Mauritania. Currently, over 663 million people lack access to clean water. Many of those are children who are unable to attend school because of the distances they are forced to walk to find, what is often, dirty water.

"I have seen, first hand, the impact that a water project can have. Communities go from barely surviving to thriving when safe water is available. Ultimately we want Canadians to be aware of how having access to water can change the world" said David Custer, Ride Director at Wheels for Wells.