Child sponsorship creates opportunity. It transforms the life not only of the sponsored child but also of their community. Here’s how it works:

Choosing from among 41 countries, you identify a child in need of support who you would like to sponsor.

Your monthly donation is then pooled with other sponsors’ donations to fund development programs that benefit that child and their entire community. This is the heart of our child-focused community approach. Our impact research shows that for every child sponsored, four more in the community benefit.

World Vision Canada works in the community for 15 years. Your sponsored child is monitored and tracked for the entire time to measure impact and success. At the end of 15 years, a community has typically achieved self-sustainable development and it “graduates.” At that point, World Vision Canada moves on to the next community in need of opportunity.

Watch the short video below to see how child sponsorship works!

A smiling young girl wearing a plaid dress and white shirt sits in front of a stairwell painted navy blue.

How sponsorship creates change that lasts