Frequently Asked Questions

Technology has created so many new opportunities for connecting with those we care about, but we discourage sponsors from trying to contact children using social media sites, like Facebook. One reason is because of our priority to ensure both their safety and privacy, as well as yours.

There are three possible reasons why you cannot contact your previous sponsored child:

  1. When sponsored children leave the community, their new homes may be in an area where World Vision does not have staff to facilitate communications or their new locations are unknown.
  2. When World Vision transitions out of a community because the community has become self-sufficient, our staff does not remain to facilitate communications.
  3. When a child or the child’s family is no longer participating in the sponsorship program, sponsorship funds cannot support communications to them.
Please call us at 1-866-595-5550 and we will contact your sponsored child’s community to see if there is additional information available.
We raise the rate when essential in order to maintain the level of support we provide to those in need. The last rate increase was in 2012 and before that in 2005.
Please contact World Vision as soon as possible at 1-866-595-5550 to explore the options available.

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