Celebrate special moments in your Sponsored Child's life.

ConnectingUs brings you closer to your sponsored child, while helping their community at the same time.

When you join, your annual donation of $49 provides:

  • A fun gift for your sponsored child
  • Encouraging greeting cards from you to your child, sent automatically throughout the year
  • Support toward a much-needed community project
  • A special party held in honour of all the community's kids

What Happens Next?
  • Your donation will go toward a community project and a special celebration for children
  • Over the course of the year, we'll deliver 3 cards and a gift to your sponsored child
  • We'll update you by email when your gift and cards are on their way
  • You can relax and feel good, knowing you're strengthening the bond of friendship with your sponsored child!


ConnectingUs Annual Renewal

In order to provide a ​convenient and hassle-free renewal for sponsors currently enrolled in ConnectingUs, their annual renewal donation will be processed automatically on the 25th day of the month they first joined the program.

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Your sponsored child will love receiving cards and a special gift from you. It gives them so much joy and they will treasure these gifts for years to come!

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of joining ConnectingUs is $49 per year, with an automatic annual renewal on the 25th day of the month you first joined the program. Note: The $49 per year is on top of your monthly sponsorship donation.

ConnectingUs benefits your sponsored child in the following ways:
• He or she will receive a meaningful gift from you each year
• Your donation will fund a much-needed project in his or her community
• He or she will receive three encouraging cards from you each year
• A special party will be held to celebrate all the children in the community

As a sponsor, you'll enjoy ConnectingUs because:
• It provides an easy, postage-free way to automatically send cards to your sponsored child
• You’ll receive automatic email updates when your gift and cards are sent
• This means less mail for you and more mail that will inspire your sponsored child
Your ConnectingUs donation helps fund a much-needed project in your sponsored child’s community. Plus, it helps throw a special celebration for all the children in the community.
Every year you will be automatically renewed into ConnectingUs, unless you call World Vision to end your participation in the program.

Sponsors who provided their email address and credit card information when they first joined the program will receive an email reminder about a month before their renewal date, advising them that their annual donation will be processed on the 25th of the following month. The renewal reminder email will also let them know what gift their sponsored child will be receiving this year.

Sponsors who did not provide their email address or credit card information when they first joined the program will receive a reminder call from our Customer Service team prior their renewal date. Sponsors who do not have a valid credit card or email address on file will be asked to provide them in order to renew into the program.

On your ConnectingUs renewal date–the 25th of the month you first joined the program–your annual donation will be charge to your credit card.
ConnectingUs is a program that renews annually. Each year we send a fun gift and three encouraging cards to your sponsored child. In order to ensure a convenient and automated renewal process, it is necessary to have a valid credit card on file.
Yes, your credit card information is secure with us. World Vision Canada complies with the Payment Card Industry “Data Security Standards” (PCI-DSS), a set of requirements and standards established by credit card companies via the PCI Security Standards Council. These requirements are reviewed and updated on an annual basis. As a result, World Vision follows a comprehensive list of standards that ensure the security of our donors’ credit card information at all times.

In order to receive updates when you ConnectingUs gift and cards have been sent, you will need to provide an email address. An email address also provides you with the benefit of a simple, hassle-free annual renewal.

When you first joined ConnectingUs, you selected the gift for your sponsored child. Each calendar year, a new gift is selected for all the sponsored children currently in the ConnectingUs program. This allows us to purchase the renewal gift item in bulk at a lower cost so more funds can go to support the critical community project and celebration party.

About a month prior to your annual renewal date, you will receive a reminder email or phone call to inform you of your upcoming renewal and the gift item being sent to your sponsored child that year. The 2017 renewal gift is a Healthy Living Kit. Packed in a convenient toiletry bag, this gift comes with soap, a washcloth, comb, toothbrush, and toothpaste.

TIf you feel that the renewal gift is not age-appropriate for your sponsored child, please call us at 1-866-595-5550 to see if we can substitute it with a different gift item.

The timing of the gift delivery varies, depending on when you joined or renewed into the program. To reduce the cost of shipping and maximize your donation, the gift items are grouped together and shipped in three batches over the course of the year. To ensure your gift arrives in time for Christmas, you are encouraged to join or renew into ConnectingUs before September 30.

We will update you by email when your gift and ConnectingUs cards have been sent to your sponsored child.

Each year staff and community leaders identify an important project in the community that requires additional funding. These projects compliment the work that is being done already in the community with your sponsorship donations. Here are some examples of community projects that could be supported through your ConnectingUs donations:
• The development of special reading material to support literacy training for children 
• Constructing accessible water sources and training community members to maintain them
• Establishing spaces where children can meet, play and learn together in a safe environment, such as sports  or reading clubs
• Life skills and vocational training programs for youth in the community

 If you would like to learn more about the latest progress and projects taking place in your sponsored child’s community, go to our Connecting with Communities site. Once there, select your sponsored child’s country and then click on the name of their community to see the latest community articles, photos and updates.

Your sponsorship provides essentials such as nutritious food, access to education, clean water, basic health care and economic opportunities. When you join ConnectingUs, your donation helps put on a special party for all the children in the community. On this day, for a few hours, the daily challenges of life are overshadowed with the kind of joy every child should have the opportunity to experience. The celebrations are filled with laughter, food, drinks and fun activities for the children. 

See some of the special moments your ConnectingUs donations are making possible – watch celebration video.

You are encouraged to sign up for ConnectingUs before September 30, to ensure your sponsored child’s gift arrives before Christmas of that calendar year. 

ConnectingUs is a program exclusively for sponsors. ConnectingUs is not a new type of child sponsorship, nor does it replace your current sponsorship commitment.

 Sponsors join ConnectingUs with an annual donation of $49. The program enables them to send a fun gift and have three encouraging cards sent directly to their sponsored child each year. Plus, their annual donation supports an important community project and provides a special party for all kids in the community.

In addition to joining ConnectingUs, we encourage you to log in or register for a My World Vision account to deepen the connection with your sponsored child. An account allows you to send fun and personalized emails to your child and see the latest photos and updates from his or her life and community.

Under special circumstances we may need to replace your sponsored child with another child. If this is necessary, we will advise you as soon as is reasonably possible.

 Should this happen, all future ConnectingUs cards and gifts will sent to your new sponsored child, provided this year’s gift has not already been sent to your previous sponsored child.

Only the sponsored children you enrolled in ConnectingUs will receive the ConnectingUs cards and gift each year.

To end your participation in the ConnectingUs program, please contact us at 1.866.595.5550

Once your annual ConnectingUs donation is processed it is non-refundable. To ensure that you are not charged the annual ConnectingUs renewal amount, you must call to cancel your ConnectingUs commitment at least 2 business days prior to your annual renewal date.