Working With Children in Somalia

Coronavirus (COVID-19) impact on World Vision operations

In support of public health recommendations outlined by the World Health Organization, some sponsorship program activities have been temporarily suspended due to COVID-19. Activities may include sponsor queries and correspondence, sponsor visits, gift notifications and gift deliveries. These temporary suspensions may affect the information you receive from us in the coming weeks and months. Learn more about our response to COVID-19.
World Vision has worked with communities, families and children in Somalia since 1992. The country has been through consecutive seasons of failed rains with a devastating impact on poor, rural families who depend on farming and grazing for their food intake and family income. Currently, more than 300,000 children are acutely malnourished and at risk of death.
Working with the support of individual Canadians and the Government of Canada, we are responding with emergency and rehabilitative programming. Meeting the emergency nutritional needs of at-risk young children and pregnant women is a priority. Other priority areas are establishing interim health centres in refugee camps and developing and improving water sources in the current drought.

Your impact in Somalia

Together, we’re making real change in the lives of children, families and communities. Just some of what was achieved with Canadian support in the past year:
  • 6,703 frontline workers were trained in child protection issues as part of our COVID-19 response
  • 13,584 children learned about COVID-19 in age-specific ways
  • 19,296 kids, parents, and caregivers were given education kits or training as part of our COVID-19 response
  • 136,795 people in quarantine or isolation for COVID-19 were given support
  • 233,780 USD in cash or vouchers were given to caregivers as part of our COVID-19 response

Results of World Vision Canada’s covid-19 response in Somalia, in partnership with other World Vision offices, from March to September 2020

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