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Raw Hope partners with Canadian supporters to provide for the immediate needs of children and families living in the world’s most dangerous places as well as deliver long-term solutions that will help mitigate growing problems in those unstable countries.  

For many, a safe, secure childhood is the stuff of dreams and memories, but for some, it can be overwhelmed by threats like forced service on the battlefield, child marriage, or hazardous labor. War, economic disaster and food crisis make these fears a reality.  

Through Raw Hope, you help to provide children and families with life-saving essentials like nutritious food, clean water, sanitation, shelter, medicine, healthcare and safe and secure places to rest, play and learn.  

  • 77,481 people learned about child rights and protection issues in Jordan and South Sudan 
  • 59,928 parents and caregivers learned about proper feeding practices in Myanmar, Pakistan and South Sudan 
  • 1.5 million people, including children, benefited from food aid in eight of the most fragile countries, including Somalia, South Sudan and Afghanistan. 
  • 8,400 people received water purifying sachets and materials such as buckets and soaps during the drought response in Afghanistan 

DISCLAIMER: *Results of World Vision Canada’s projects funded by Raw Hope during FY18 (October 2017 to September 2018), in partnership with the Government of Canada, Health Pooled Fund (HPF), UNDP and the World Food Programme. 

Hope where it’s most needed 

I want to thank you for helping deliver a brighter future for children in the world’s most challenging places.  

When violence arrives at the doorstep or when malnutrition takes hold of a child, it is hope for a better tomorrow that helps families move forward, against all odds. 

Raw Hope reaches children and families in urgent need in places like Afghanistan, Syria and South Sudan.  

Your gift was given with the hope of lives being transformed, and with it we were able to accomplish great things. This past year, in eight of the most fragile countries, including Somalia, South Sudan and Afghanistan, we supported 1.5 million people with food aid. 

Along with our efforts in Afghanistan, we continue working with local leaders around the globe to find long-term solutions to poverty and injustice, focusing on the world’s most vulnerable children. You are a vital part of our mission, and we want you to know how thankful we are that you stand with us. 

Where is my money going? 

As a Raw Hope Partner, you will help saves lives, protect, and provide for the immediate needs of children as well as long-term solutions for children and families in some of the world’s most dangerous places. 

Your donations, combined with other partners and government grants, will have an immediate and lasting impact, that: 

· Saves the lives of children at risk or in immediate danger 

· Gives children safety, dignity and hope 

· Helps create long term solutions for a brighter future 

You can help courageous local aid workers to bring hope and change for children living in unstable places around the world, such as Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and other countries with refugee and internally displaced populations. 

Why can't I sponsor a child in these areas? 

Raw Hope supports work in the most dangerous places where it is too unstable for child sponsorship to be established. 

Am I able to select which country my donations will go to? 

Unfortunately, no. But you can be assured that your Raw Hope donations will help to meet the immediate needs of vulnerable children such as: access to clean water, healthcare, education and more. 

What will I receive as a donor? 

As a monthly donor, you will receive a welcome package as well as regular email updates on how your changing the lives of children living in the world’s most dangerous places. 

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