Working With Children in Nicaragua

A recent World Vision survey in Nicaragua showed that nearly half of the respondents would not report instances of child abuse. In response, we launched an awareness campaign called I Use My Voice Against Child Abuse and have had thousands of children and adults participate in discussion groups about how to report and prevent abuse of children in Nicaragua.

Formal and informal education have been a focus for World Vision Nicaragua, where we work closely with the Ministry of Education to improve standards. In one initiative, World Vision partnered with government to start a diploma course for 166 preschool and primary teachers, promoting effective teaching strategies for early literacy.

Your impact in Nicaragua

Together, we’re making real change in the lives of children, families and communities. Just some of what was achieved with the support of Canadian child sponsors in the past year:

Boys and girls are safe and valued, well cared-for by their families and participating in their communities as agents of transformation. 

  • As part of the I Use My Voice Against Child Abuse campaign, we formed community networks where youth participate in decision-making and learn about violence prevention.
  • 1,547 people learned how to work with local authorities and influence decisions to improve services and child well-being
  • 43 spiritual leaders partnered with World Vision Canada to bring positive changes in the lives of children and families
  • 183 children in Nicaragua received birth certificates, ensuring their access to basic rights and services like health and schooling

Children and families are well nourished, protected from infection and disease and have access to essential health services.

  • 6,371 individuals including children have safe water for drinking and cooking thanks to new or repaired water sources
  • 156 health workers and volunteers were trained to provide quality health services, especially for women and children
  • 579 parents and caregivers learned how to provide proper nutrition to their children and protect them from diseases
  • 268 women were counselled on how to properly care for themselves and their babies during and after pregnancy

Children learn and develop their talents, young people are equipped for the future and families support children's education.

  • To strengthen early childhood education, we opened preschools and trained leaders to educate parents about child development and loving family relationships.
  • 58 schools were renovated or furnished with educational materials to provide a better learning environment for students
  • 649 children in Nicaragua received the resources they need to learn including school fees, supplies, books and uniforms
  • 28 clubs are in place for children and youth to improve their learning through tutoring and extracurricular activities

Adults and youth acquire knowledge and skills, and gain access to resources, to help them increase their family income.

  • We helped prepare youth for the future by providing them with vocational education in baking, carpentry, hair-styling, computer repair and motorcycle maintenance.
  • 226 youths were equipped to enter the job market through apprenticeships, vocational training or career counselling

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