Doti East

Doti East's Community News

Thanks to the generous support of donors, we’re making great progress toward the well-being of children and their families. These are a few of the areas we focused on in the past year: 

The Doti East community is located in one of the most remote, mountainous districts of Nepal's far western region. The majority of families here grow crops like wheat, maize, millet, tomatoes, and citrus fruits. Since this region is vulnerable to natural disasters like landslides, harvests are often unpredictable. To make ends meet, many people, including children, cross the border into India seeking work.

Many families in Doti East are from marginalized people groups, including the Dalit, who were traditionally considered the lowest of the caste system. Even though the government has banned discrimination against Dalits, customs are hard to break, and these families feel the sting of exclusion very acutely. About half of Doti East's children are considered marginalized and vulnerable.

Families in Doti East also struggle with alcoholism, harmful gender beliefs and a lack of hope for the future. This affects children, who are vulnerable to exploitation through child labour or early marriage. In fact, 67% of girls in Doti East get married and have children before they are 20, perpetuating a gap between the genders. Only 16% of women and girls in the area can read and write, compared to 61% of men and boys.
  • 537 children were trained in essential life skills such as critical thinking, self-esteem and communication
  • 116 malnourished children were enrolled in nutritional programs and monitored to ensure they are growing healthy
  • 116 parents learned about proper feeding practices and how to keep their children well nourished
  • 2,113 women were counselled on how to properly care for themselves and their babies during and after pregnancy
  • 93 malnourished have reached a healthier weight after participating in a nutrition program
  • 83 goats were given to families in need, providing them new means to feed their children and earn income
Results achieved from October 2017 to September 2018
To ensure children can access and benefit from quality education, World Vision will assist the community to:
  • Provide children with a positive learning environment by training teachers in effective teaching methods and improving local schools.
  • Teach parents about the importance of education for all children, both in the home and at school.
  • Empower Doti East's youth to be voices of change in their own community and schools.
  • Equip the community and especially parents to get involved in the operation of their education centres.

Health Care
With the partnership of Canadian sponsors and the community, World Vision will work to:
  • Strengthen existing maternal health services and encourage awareness of reproductive health.
  • Train mothers to grow and prepare nutritious food for their children.
  • Prevent childhood illness by teaching families about early warning signs of disease, as well as the importance of proper hygiene, sanitation, and latrine use.

Economic Development
To ensure parents in Doti East can provide for their families, World Vision will partner with the community to:
  • Increase families agricultural yields by teaching improved farming techniques.
  • Empower families to use farming as a means for income generation rather than simply subsistence.
  • Educate farmers about organic farming and production so they can rely less on expensive chemicals.
  • Enhance irrigation systems. Strengthen the capacity of local farm cooperatives.