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The community of Maquipurashum Li has graduated

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In 2019, the community has transitioned from sponsorship to self-sufficiency and World Vision is no longer on site. Local people and organizations have been equipped to take over and lead the community's development - and that is something to celebrate!

With the help of your generous and loving support, life in Maquipurashum Li has transformed. Children and families are much stronger now. The community has met its goals, and its members are working together to tackles new ones. Your support will have a lasting impact for years to come.

The Maquipurashum Li community is located in the Sierras of Ecuador, 2300 to 3700 meters above sea level. The lifestyles and livelihoods of families in the community differ depending on their location along the mountainside.

The highest areas are covered in shrubs and straw. Families here grow mostly potatoes, beans, and grains, like barley and quinoa. A little further down the mountainside, the shrubs give way to forests, but the slopes are extremely steep. This means there is little flat land for planting. Most families still manage to grow subsistence crops of corn, beans and peas.

At the lowest level, the ground is stony, sandy and hard " the remains of old volcanic eruptions. At this level there are natural pasturelands. Families still live by subsistence farming, but they grow a wider variety of crops, like vegetables and squash, in addition to the traditional corn, beans, and grains. Temperatures average a cool 13°C.

This is one of the poorest areas, where 80% of families cannot meet their basic needs. As a result there is a high level of migration away from the area as families search for better living conditions. Many families survive on remittances they receive from relatives living abroad. Most people live in basic homes made of blocks, but some families still live in mud-walled huts.
People in Renacer are celebrating that they are now empowered to move forward without World Vision’s presence. Here are some of the accomplishments: 
  • 81% of children aged 10-12 have adequate reading comprehension.
  • School dropout rates have been reduced to 12%.
  • Education has improved with introduction of technology.
  • A third of families have access to better water sources.
  • Men have become more respectful toward women through teaching on reproductive health.
  • Worked with local government to conserve natural resources through reforestation and water conservation techniques.
  • People have been trained as commercial vegetable farmers.

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To protect the privacy of children, this map shows only the general area of the community, not the exact location.


Life cycle of a sponsorship community

Maquipurashum Li has completed Phase 3 in 2019.

PHASE 3: Enhance sustainability

Children and families enjoy improved living conditions. They're ready to become independent and continue the work you helped start. We invite you to help another child and community!