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Thanks to the generous support of donors, we’re making great progress toward the well-being of children and their families. These are a few of the areas we focused on in the past year:

The community of Ngemelina is located in in the northern region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, near the border of the Central African Republic.

Ongoing civil war in this central African nation"one of the most deeply impoverished countries in the world"has displaced nearly 1.4 million people and killed more than five million since 1996.
Child Protection
  • 11,898 children received birth certificates, ensuring their access to basic rights and services like health and schooling
  • 14,670 community members learned about child rights and protection issues to help ensure children's safety and participation
  • 26 children survivors of abuse received support to help them cope with trauma and recover
  • 3 young people are participating in community decisions and advocating for the protection and wellbeing of children
  • 52 spiritual leaders partnered with World Vision Canada to bring positive changes in the lives of children and families
*Results reported for projects in this country from October 2018 to September 2019

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current conditions

To protect the privacy of children, this map shows only the general area of the community, not the exact location.

The needs in Ngemelina (Ledia)

Health Care
Malnourished children are vulnerable to disease. Children's health is also affected by poor hygiene, unsafe drinking water and limited access to medical care.

Often, students struggle with reading and math skills. Schools need better resources and teachers need more training to improve learning.

Child Protection
A community's lack of awareness of child rights can result in dangerous practices such as child labour, early marriage and abuse.
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Life cycle of a sponsorship community

Ngemelina (Ledia),  is in Phase 2

PHASE 2: Evaluate and grow

We monitor progress and make adjustments to meet goals. More community members become involved, lead projects and gain ownership of their success.