World Vision Volunteer

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Group of volunteers

Become a volunteer for World Vision Canada and join hundreds of Canadians who use their time and talents to help children worldwide.

World Vision offers a variety of volunteer opportunities and we encourage you to become ambassadors for child sponsorship, assist us at special events, come and help in the office, or bring a group! We are committed to helping you discover the best way to partner with us.

Explore our options below today!

Sponsorship Ambassador

Become a Sponsorship Ambassador

Become a Child Sponsorship Ambassador

Become a World Vision Child Sponsorship Ambassador and join other Canadians who use their time and talents to help children worldwide.Become a Sponsorship Ambassador  

Volunteer at the Office

an office volunteer reads some material about world vision's work

Become an Office Volunteer

We're constantly looking for Canadians who have a heart of service. That could be you!Become an Office Volunteer  

Volunteer at Special Events

Volunteer at Special Events

Special Events

Share the impact of child sponsorship and advocate for change at concerts and events in your community!Volunteer at Special Events  




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