Hurricane Matthew: how Canadians can help Haiti

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World Vision has worked in Haiti since 1959
World Vision will provide lifesaving essentials including clean water, blankets and hygiene kits to vulnerable families in affected areas. Photo/World Vision
(October 03, 2016)
MISSISSAUGA, ON – Hurricane Matthew made landfall in Haiti today with damaging sustaining winds of up to 230kph coupled with torrential rainfall. The extent of damage is still being assessed as Haitians brace for massive flooding and landslides that could put their lives, homes, neighbourhoods and livelihoods at risk. Potential hurricane-related damage to water and sanitation infrastructure also poses the additional threat of a larger cholera outbreak in affected areas, according to World Vision, Canada’s largest international aid agency.

World Vision is on the ground and has pre-positioned emergency supplies across Haiti for a rapid distribution of lifesaving essentials including clean water, blankets and hygiene kits to vulnerable families in affected areas. 

Canadians can make donations to World Vision Canada to support emergency relief efforts in Haiti.
Website donations: HERE 
Phone donations: 1-800-526-7770

“We are deeply concerned about the impact of this very powerful hurricane on children. Haiti is the poorest country in Latin America with very poor infrastructure, broken water systems and weak health care.  Tens of thousands of children are living in flimsy shacks that are likely to be damaged and destroyed by high winds and rains. Haiti’s hillsides have been stripped of trees for firewood so the threat of landslides burying homes is something that really scares people. World Vision is poised to do its part to provide life-saving essentials where they are needed most.”
- John Hasse, National Director, World Vision Haiti

"Haiti is still recovering and rebuilding from the devastating earthquake in 2010. World Vision is concerned that Hurricane Matthew will overstress Haiti’s limited resources to respond, and will put more lives at risk from floods, landslides and water-borne diseases. We’re working as quickly as we can to respond with life-saving supplies, including critical needs like water. Hurricanes of this magnitude cause an especially frightening and traumatic experience for children, and we’re working to protect both their physical and psychosocial needs. The support of Canadians will be especially important for the thousands of children in Haiti who will be left vulnerable.”
– Michael Messenger, President, World Vision Canada

  • Canadians sponsor 8,617 children through World Vision in Haiti
  • World Vision currently serves approximately three hundred thousand Haitians in urban and rural communities through 30 projects and programs in 80 communities
  • World Vision supports more than 56,000 sponsored children and benefits 112,000+ children
  • World Vision has worked in Haiti since 1959