All year, children in our sponsorship communities eagerly await their birthday. When the day comes, everyone gathers to celebrate!

Your gift will help the community pay for the party, the treats, and the gifts for each sponsored child. Each community celebrates in their own unique way – some with piñatas, some with music and dancing – but they all share the same goal: to show children that their sponsors love and care for them. When kids hear that someone so far away loves them and wants the best for them, they begin to understand that their lives are a gift, too – unique and valuable beyond measure.

Everyone Wins

The entire community benefits from shared gifts like playground equipment, sports gear, textbooks and livestock.

It’s a Team Effort

By combining your donations with other sponsors’, children receive special birthday gifts like toys, school supplies, hygiene kits and clothes.

More Than Fun

These celebrations aren’t just fun and games. Many children have never celebrated a birthday like this and this experience is deeply meaningful and important to them.