It's HER time


It's HER time


It's HER time

Empower women and girls

POWER of HER is a movement of women and men committed to fighting gender inequality, supporting projects around the world that focuses health, economic empowerment and child protection for women and girls.

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POWER of HER seeks to reduce and eliminate the barriers that women and girls face in achieving equality. This movement primarily works to:

  1. Reduce child marriage, adolescent pregnancy and female genital mutilation in countries like Kenya
  2. Provide women with small loans so they can build their own thriving businesses
  3. Brings clean, running water and sanitation to remote health clinics in countries like Niger and Zambia, while supporting Community Health Workers to diagnose and treat preventable diseases.

Together, we can fight gender inequality and help keep girls in school, prevent maternal and child deaths, and amplify the agency of women and girls as they participate and benefit from their local economies.

A two women supporting a baby to get a fruit from a tree.
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Economic empowerment

Helping women and girls break out of poverty.

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Protecting the most vulnerable women and girls from everyday illness, and ensuring safe, sanitary conditions in remote health clinics.

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Child protection

Reducing child marriage, adolescent pregnancy and female genital mutilation.

How you can help

1. Donate to the cause. Give a gift that can empower women and girls to rise out of extreme poverty.

2. Become part of the Impact Council. Join our exclusive council of dedicated women and men committed to raising awareness and fundraising for the cause. To learn more, email us.

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More questions?

You can reach us at PowerofHer@worldvision.ca.

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