The community of Renacer has graduated

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In 2019, the community has transitioned from sponsorship to self-sufficiency and World Vision is no longer on site. Local people and organizations have been equipped to take over and lead the community's development - and that is something to celebrate!

With the help of your generous and loving support, life in Renacer has transformed. Children and families are much stronger now. The community has met its goals, and its members are working together to tackles new ones. Your support will have a lasting impact for years to come.

The Renacer community is located in the municipality of El Negrito. The area is surrounded by mountains, hills, and ridges, and is home to lush forests and medicinal plants. The main economic activity in the community is agriculture. Main crops are basic grains, as well as coffee, citrus, and vegetables in small plots. However, many families do not own land and work as day labourers earning meager wages.
People in Renacer are celebrating that they are now empowered to move forward without World Vision’s presence. Here are some of the accomplishments:  

  • Families of 1,858 students learned about the importance of education.
  • 110 teachers have received training and schools have been equipped with furniture and learning materials to improve quality of education.
Health and Nutrition
  • 150 families started gardens and two teaching fields were created, providing nutritious food. Malnutrition dropped from 13% to 5%.
  • Immunization campaigns, counselling and dental care have improved health.
  • 11 savings groups are providing access to small loans and families are earning income through new business ventures.
  • Youth received job skills training—now 80% of youth aged 18 to 25 have a permanent job.
  • 98% of children now attend preschool, which is an increase of 50% since 2001.
*Results for this community updated for 2019

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current conditions

To protect the privacy of children, this map shows only the general area of the community, not the exact location.


Life cycle of a sponsorship community

Renacer has completed Phase 3 in 2019.

PHASE 3: Enhance sustainability

Children and families enjoy improved living conditions. They're ready to become independent and continue the work you helped start. We invite you to help another child and community!