Tom Cochrane honoured as a musician and humanitarian

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25th anniversary of Mad, Mad World 
World Vision presents Tom Cochrane with an award to recognize a partnership that has lasted a lifetime. Photo/World Vision
(October 25, 2016)
With the upcoming 25th anniversary rerelease of the iconic album Mad, Mad World, World Vision celebrated Tom Cochrane and his incredible career as a musician and a humanitarian. At an event attended by hundreds, Cochrane was honoured for his outstanding contribution to helping children around the world. 
The event featured a special premier screening of 25 Years on The Highway, a documentary on Cochrane's humanitarian efforts, an award presentation from World Vision, and a special acoustic performance. 
Cochrane remains one of the most influential musicians in Canada, and is an inspiration and mentor to many.    
A tireless champion for children, his hit song Life is a Highway was inspired by his travels with World Vision in 1989 to Mozambique.  It has become one of the best-loved and most recognizable Canadian songs, and an important part of our pop culture.  He has been on many trips with World Vision, most recently visiting Syrian refugee camps in 2016. 
World Vision celebrates the generosity and advocacy of this true partner for children around the world.  A passionate and outspoken champion for children, Cochrane's work is an inspiration as he demonstrates how one person can create change.  
"Life Is a Highway was a pep talk to myself that you can't change the world as a single individual in one fell swoop, but you can spread some goodwill and love along the way. After the trip to Mozambique I felt a heaviness about what I couldn't do. It was draining and I was exhausted in every sense of the word.  Working on this song really pulled me out of that place and helped me focus on the truth that you need to keep your eye on the road ahead, and focus on the good you can do, and that this will make a difference. Out of a dark place, ironically, came one of my most positive songs." 
–Tom Cochrane 
"Mad Mad World came out only a few months after I started at World Vision--and so I can't remember a time without Tom Cochrane as a key partner. We're so pleased he's experienced such artistic success and are grateful for his enduring commitment to the world's most vulnerable children through his relationship with World Vision." 
- Michael Messenger, President & CEO, World Vision Canada 
Quick Facts
  • This rerelease celebrates Tom Cochrane's influential career as a musician and his humanitarian efforts 
  • Cochrane is World Vision's longest-serving ambassador,  having worked with the organization since 1989, World Vision greatly appreciates his inspirational dedication to improving the lives of children 
  • You don't need to be a superstar to have an impact.  Generosity has a ripple-effect and anyone can make a difference.  
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Image with caption: "World Vision presents Tom Cochrane with an award to recognize a partnership that has lasted a lifetime. Photo/World Vision Canada. Image available here