Global Health Town Hall with Justin Trudeau

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  • World Vision welcomes Canada's increased support for the Global Fund
  • Global Fund must more actively involve communities to realize Fund goals
In response to today’s announcement from the Government of Canada of increased support for the Global Fund, World Vision Canada’s president
Michael Messenger made the following comments:
(May 09, 2016)
“World Vision welcomes Canada’s strong leadership to improve the health and rights of women and children. Canada continues to lead by example and I hope this approach will extend even beyond today’s announcement of increased support for the Global Fund. As a true champion for the most vulnerable women and children, Canada must be ready to rally other global leaders at every opportunity, including this year’s G7 and G20 summits.
“World Vision works in 100 countries and it’s clear that survival is hardest in places with the weakest health and political systems. Canadian aid must be targeted where we can make the biggest gains and kick start progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals in the world’s most fragile places.
“In Somalia, for example, over the past decade World Vision has been the main partner in the Global Fund’s Tuberculosis Control Program. We have strengthened the health infrastructure, helped diagnose and treat more than 115,000 people for multiple drug resistant tuberculosis, and contributed to peaceful collaboration amongst opposing parties.

“We encourage the Global Fund to more actively involve civil society and communities themselves. Empowered, actively participating women and children and stronger community health systems are key to realizing the Fund’s goals.”