Ecuador earthquake how Canadians can help

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World Vision Ecuador will continue to provide:
  • Temporary shelters and water
  • Protection of minors in safe and protected spaces 
  • Delivery of humanitarian aid kits
Damage from the Ecuador earthquake. Photo/World Vision
(April 18, 2016)
MISSISSAUGA, ON – International aid and development agency World Vision is on the ground and responding to Saturday’s 7.8 magnitude earthquake centred in Manabi, northwest Ecuador. The quake has claimed at least 350 lives and left more than 1,500 people injured, with more than160 aftershocks recorded.

  • Basic first aid and providing access to essentials such as clean water
  • Support to ensure appropriate temporary shelters for affected families
  • Establishment of child friendly spaces to provide a safe place for children to play

Canadians can make a donation to World Vision Canada to support emergency relief efforts in Ecuador.

“This is the worst earthquake to strike Ecuador since 1987. It was a truly terrifying event felt across the country. The people of Ecuador spent a night worried about further shocks and today finding out about the extent of the damage.” 
- José Luis Ochoa, National Director, World Vision Ecuador

 “As always, our primary concern is ensuring the needs of children and their families are met. World Vision is in the process of setting up Child Friendly Spaces (CFS) where children and young people can access psychosocial care and mitigate any emotional trauma.”
- José Luis Ochoa, National Director, World Vision Ecuador

"Canadians have been extremely generous in the past and given from the heart to help people recover from major disasters. Ecuador is now reeling from its worst earthquake in decades, and I'm counting on Canadians to continue supporting the relief efforts of agencies such as World Vision, as we respond at full-speed to bring life-saving emergency aid, temporary shelters and clean water. Earthquakes of this magnitude cause an especially frightening and traumatic situation for children, and we are working to protect both their physical and psychosocial needs." ​

– Michael Messenger, President, World Vision Canada


World Vision Ecuador will continue to support earthquake relief efforts as follows:
  • Temporary shelters and water
  • Protection of minors in safe and protected spaces where children receive psychosocial treatment in order to alleviate the emotional trauma
  • Delivery of humanitarian aid kits to affected families

World Vision has worked in Ecuador since 1978 and currently assists some 60,000 children and youths through education, life-skills, health, and protection initiatives.