Canadian government signals new priorities on National Child Day

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Prime Minister acknowledges “enormous amount of work to be done” for most vulnerable children 
Vanna started working at this Cambodian brick factory five years ago, when she was 11. She spends long days cutting and hauling huge blocks of earth, and then uses her bare hands to feed clay into the jaws of a dangerous machine. Photo/World Vision
(November 20, 2015)
MISSISSAUGA, ON – Today Prime Minister Trudeau released an encouraging statement to mark National Child Day (Nov. 20), according to World Vision, Canada’s largest child-focused international development organization.

The statement indicates that the Government of Canada will prioritize the needs of the most vulnerable children both here in Canada and around the world including:
  • Helping child refugees
  • Freeing child labourers
  • Rehabilitating child soldiers
  • Ending preventable childhood diseases
  • Feeding undernourished children 
These Canadian priorities are much more than lofty ideals.
There are actionable, achievable, long-term solutions that would ensure Canada’s role as a champion for children, according to World Vision. 

“I’m very encouraged by Prime Minister Trudeau’s statement today on National Child Day. Canada has the capacity to help transform the lives of the most vulnerable children living in the world’s toughest places. World Vision Canada looks forward to working with the Government of Canada to promote real change for children. Together we can make a meaningful difference for millions of Syrian children seeking refuge, including in Canada. We can free child labourers hidden in Canadian supply chains and we can ensure healthy futures for the children who need our help the most. It won’t be easy but we know what it will take to get the job done.” 
-Michael Messenger, President, World Vision Canada