Support Communities and Change Lives!

When communities help each other, change happens. Supporting communities through the Village2Villages World Vision program positively impacts multiple communities in need with our love and our resources.

By pooling donations from community supporters like you, we can work toward improving education, healthcare, economic development, child protection, nutrition and food security, in affected communities. It’s a multi-year partnership with villages in eight communities across six countries. The goal is to drive self-sufficiency, so we’re in it to see lasting changes. With Village2Village, you can be, too!

Your donation will help support these villages

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Every dollar has a direct impact.

What you can expect after donating:

  • Village2Village Welcome Email
  • Email updates on program performance twice per year
  • World Vision Canada Annual Report
  • A printed copy of the World Vision Gift Catalogue (Christmas)
  • Your annual tax receipt

Frequently Asked Questions

World Vision’s Village 2 Village empowers you to make a broad impact across multiple communities in need to improve the well-being of children, whereas World Vision Child Sponsorship enables you to make a deep, personal impact in a particular child’s life and their specific community, transforming their life and their future through uplifting their community.

Village 2 Village drives progress across entire communities by turning collective donor power into global community impact. Pooled resources from donations are designed to include and benefit the lives of everyone in these participating communities, especially the children.

Child Sponsorship establishes a close personal connection with your sponsored child through emails, photos, even visits to them, instilling a powerful hope and confidence for the future. Furthermore, your financial donation is combined with other sponsor donations of children in that specific community, to uplift the community and benefit the children living there.

Village 2 Village and Child Sponsorship both provide unique opportunities to impact the lives of children most in need around the world in different and powerful ways – You choose the impact you want to make. You choose if you want to connect with an individual child or not. 

Your monthly pledge is pooled with the contributions of other donors. This ensures that resources are in place to assist communities towards self -sufficiency and sustainability. Your support will be directed towards activities that will help communities overcome hurdles and barriers to achieving these goals.

It takes a foundation of resources and activities over a sustained period before viable results take shape in communities. World Vision partners with each community for 12-15 years to help them reach their full potential and establish secure, thriving and sustainable success. Although, you can cancel your pledge at any time, your ongoing support will ensure that resources continue to be in place to assist communities in removing hurdles to achieving community self-sufficiency and success.

Projected dates that communities will reach self-sufficiency:

Bangladesh – Bhandaria 2025 Guatemala – San Pedro 2027 Kenya - Soin 2022 Nepal - Achham West 2030 Tanzania - Shishiyu 2030 Laos – Ngommalath, Soukhouma, Xebangfay 2024 - 2027

Village2Village is a new product. We are offering the pledge product as a new experience that enables donors to make a positive impact with communities. Specifically, this can be an avenue of engagement with communities in developing countries that resonates with them; which they prefer and can get on board with for a sustained period. Currently, there are 8 communities across 6 countries that are participating in the pledge product. If enough support is given to address resource needs in these 8 communities, we will be looking at plans to expand the list of participating communities in the future.

We approached communities where we currently work and that have strong alignment with addressing the types of needs covered by the Village2Village product. Then, community members were consulted on participating in the pledge and identified benefits that opting-in would bring into their areas. Reminder of Interventions: Water & Sanitation, Health, Food Security, Agriculture, Education, Women’s & Children’s Rights and Economic Development

When your first donation is received, within 3 days, you can expect to receive a Welcome Email from an Area Community Manager. In addition, you will also receive email updates on program performance twice a year (April & November); World Vision’s Annual Report; a printed copy of the World Vision Gift Catalogue; and your annual tax receipt.

The minimum monthly amount is $10. If you change your mind, you can always give us a call at 1-800-472-8544. We can help you continue your generosity by aligning your experience with an amount that is comfortable for you.

At this time, your monthly pledge will be pooled with other donors’ contributions, and resources are distributed among the participating communities. We feel that this is an effective way of ensuring that resources continue to be in place to assist all participating communities in removing hurdles to community self-sufficiency and sustained success.