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In the News World hunger: facts & how to help
Over 800 million people around the globe, most of them in developing countries, suffer from chronic food deprivation on a daily basis. Learn more and how you can help.
A little love for the garden
An injury prevents Patrick from maintaining his garden; but with a little help from his friends at World Vision, he's back on his feet.
Seeds of hope
In Nkayi, the community you partner with, families work together to grow vegetables and build a brighter future for their children.
New hope through gardening
In Sikobokobo, the community you partner with, a widow struggling to support three daughters finds new hope for her family’s future
Cultivating fruit, veggies and family values
Omar, 38, talks about the agricultural association that’s helping families eat well, provide for their kids and cultivate strong values.
Awa becomes a “working woman”
Awa’s husband didn’t earn enough to support their family, so she seized an opportunity, ran with it, and is now a “working woman.”