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Plans for Mozambique's Girls
In Mozambique, early marriage, where girls marry before age 18, is among the highest in the world. When girls marry young, they drop out of school and are far more likely to face extreme poverty, but World Vision is working in communities like A Hi...

Eggs for Sale!
Eight-year-old José lives in Arani with his father and two older brothers, Wilder and Ilber. José never knew his mother, but thankfully he has the care of his grandmother and aunt, who live with the family and make sure the boys are well... 

An Oasis of Health
Each week, upwards of 70 children gather at the local health centre in Cilincing with their parents.   This health centre is like an oasis, a “one stop shop” for expecting moms, children and growing families to receive free health services and...

In the News Factory collapse puts spotlight on child labour

In 2013, the Rana Plaza garment factory collapsed in Bangladesh, killing more than 1,100 people. Many workers had received an ultimatum that day after complaining about dangerous cracks in the structure: go to work now or lose your pay. In the days that followed, Canadians watched in horror as information was released linking some of their favourite clothing brands with garments being sewn in that very building.

"Life was a struggle to survive"
“Life was a struggle to survive every day,” remembers Askual. “Me and my six children – four girls and two boys – usually ate one meal a day.”  For years, the single mother was striving to provide for her children but constantly falling short. In... 

A New Home, a New Hope
Eulalia was elated.  “Now we won’t fall!” she exclaimed. She had just been handed the keys to her new home.   For years, the mother of seven has raised her family in a dilapidated shack. Rotted wood walls let in the cold and frequently...

From the Field Ethical chocolate changing lives in Ecuador

Despite its delicious taste, chocolate does more harm than good when it’s sourced unethically. But ethical chocolate can transform impoverished cocoa-producing communities into thriving ones... just ask Mayra!

Change Makers Meet two Canadian change makers

What started in 1985 as a way to shake the cobwebs off after New Year’s Eve has now grown into a family affair for the Courage clan. Gaye Courage, the “Queen Polar Bear” and mother to Co-Founders Todd and Trent, was the one who instigated the whole thing when she told her boys to “go jump in the lake”. Today, Gaye joins the family on New Year’s Day to take part on the largest charitable polar bear dip in Canada.

Sponsor Visit: Seeing is Believing
There’s a well-known African proverb that says that it takes a village to raise a child. One company and its employees in Saskatoon embrace this philosophy through sponsorship. Modular Storage has sponsored more than 30 children over the years...

From the Field Hope through education in India’s slums

They’re known on television as the Property Brothers. Good-looking and confident, they stride into millions of Canadian living rooms each week with real estate and design advice. But when World Vision’s brand new ambassadors, Vancouver-born twins Drew and Jonathan Scott, stepped into a one-room hut in Delhi, India, they were clearly treading new ground.

The Many Gifts of Sponsorship
Note to readers: While visiting their sponsored child in the Dominican Republic, Anna and her husband had the opportunity to observe some of the changes and developments taking place in his community. Anna writes more about that experience...

Voices Girl Rising: Education is an ally to girls

My first public screening of the film Girl Rising was in Seattle. The theatre was sold out. The energy was electric. Despite five years of work on the film and a huge campaign to support it, I wasn’t nervous. I was more curious to see how people would respond to the stories on the screen.

Change Makers Meeting Ruben, my sponsored child

One day, about seven years ago, I was in a mall and came across a World Vision kiosk. Normally I'd just pass it by, but this time something, or should I say someone, jumped out at me. I saw a picture of the cutest little boy that instantly made me stop. Right then and there. I started sponsoring Ruben.

Safe Places Where Children Can Heal
For months, there have been reports issued about Syrian children and their families who’ve been desperately trying to escape from the conflict in their country. World Vision president, Dave Toycen, returned last weekend from the...

Sharing Supplies and Support with Syrian Refugees
Working in communications with World Vision in Lebanon, I have visited dozens of Syrian refugees over the last year and a half. I have talked to them and shared their stories, and I am still in contact with many of them.  None of them,...

From the Field Life of a child miner

Children should be playing, learning to read and write and experiencing happy, healthy childhoods. But when there’s not enough money to put a meal on the table, children have no choice but to earn their keep. It’s a growing problem, particularly in countries that don’t have strong governments, laws and regulations to make sure children are going to school, not down mine shafts.

Families Seek New Homes in Lebanon
Syrian children are living a nightmare, as the largest humanitarian crisis in the northern hemisphere continues. Many have lost relatives and friends, and are fleeing violence in their homeland, often with only the clothes on their backs, to find...

From the Field Syria's moms: Real heroes

This Saturday, I got to meet real-life superheroes. They were refugee mothers, recently arrived from the Middle East having escaped Syria. All of them had come to a giant playdate organized by World Vision and the Mennonite Central Committee for their families. 

Change Makers Canada fights slavery

They may not share the same views when it comes to politics, but on the issue of child slavery, these five Canadian MPs all agree: it needs to stop. Wayne Easter, Russ Hiebert, Dean Allison, Wai Young and Isabelle Morin, took to the bustling streets of Phnom Penh and Bangkok, where they met slavery’s youngest victims.

Voices Citizen advocacy gets action in Uganda

The health clinic in Nnalinya, a village in central Uganda was in very poor shape. And as things go in Nnalinya, being one of the poorest and least serviced parts of Uganda, it would have remained that way for many years if not for the determined advocacy efforts of local residents.

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