Valentina hears her mother’s voice for the first time

May 01, 2018
Written by: World Vision Staff; Edited by Leanna Cappiello
Since birth, Valentina has been deaf. Unable to hear music, laughter, or her mother’s voice, Valentina endured trip after trip to the family doctor. Her family was determined to find a treatment for her, but the doctors did not believe the little girl would ever be able to hear.
It was a message that her mother, Dona, couldn’t bear.

Valentina’s story traveled through the grapevine of her community, eventually reaching the ears of the doctors at the children's hospital. The specialists there saw potential to restore Valentina’s hearing, which motivated the family to continue attending health consultations.
After six months of specialist appointments, they received the news that Valentina was eligible for specialized hearing aids.
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World Vision collaborated with the hospital so that the hearing aids and subsequent tests would be financially covered. Dona was both grateful and excited to have this incredible support from World Vision.
The day finally came for Valentina to receive her hearing aids.
Dona retells the moment: "When they placed the hearing aids on her, Valentina could hear instantly. It caused us great happiness for all. She began to scream and jump for joy,” she says with a smile. “I’m grateful to World Vision for the donation of the hearing aid. This moment is unforgettable because—for the first time—she could hear my voice.”