The power of scrambled eggs

Written by José Luis Roca; Edited by Leanna Parekh
Nora, mother of two, happily tends to her chicken coup. Joel, 4, and Noemi, 1, help their mother collect each egg with care, thanking the hens as they go. Nora smiles, knowing the eggs her chickens produce will feed her little ones and help them grow up strong.
The chickens were given to them as part of World Vision’s feeding program, which also monitors the animal’s care progress, and provides nutritional guidance for malnourished children under five.
“Before, I did not have many resources to feed my children,” Nora shares. “But thanks to this project, we always have eggs in the house to eat with the whole family.”
Noemi, her youngest, has overcome chronic malnutrition by eating scrambled eggs for breakfast every morning. And she enjoys it!
"I want to continue with the project because it helps us a lot,” says the young mother. “Thanks to the egg sales, I can buy other vegetables and have a diversified diet.” She’s pleased that she can provide proper nutrition for her kids to play, learn and fulfill their potential.
Over 60 other families like Nora’s have benefited from the feeding program through World Vision. Nora thanks everyone who has made the project possible – not only are you helping feed families, you’re inspiring hope in their daily lives.