Young girl, big ambition

May 01, 2018
Written by: World Vision Staff; Edited by Leanna Cappiello
I’m the eldest of two brothers. Before, I was a shy girl and didn’t participate. But starting this year with the help of World Vision, I started to develop myself more and more by interacting with other children from other schools throughout my community. I felt really happy.
Through my participation in the leadership network, I learned to speak better, talk to others with more confidence and develop skills that I didn’t think I had. By joining this network of leaders, [I’m challenged] day to day to achieve my objectives and goals. It’s also allowed me to meet children and adolescents from different places, to know different problems that affect the children of my country and to know their skills.

Yurico, 17, shares her experience with a leadership network in her community of Miramar, Peru.
 Yurico says, “I really feel happy with what I’ve learned and achieved.”
I’m thankful we’re given the opportunity, and the space, to participate – it’s not always reachable for some. Thanks to your support, I feel very happy for each of the goals that I continue to fulfill, for belonging to this network.
In order to develop skills, World Vision offered us training and guidance from the beginning. We learned active participation and how to speak in front of an audience from specialists in this field. We talked openly about the problems in our community, the treatment and how to reach people. We were encouraged to apply values ​​and principles that weren’t put much into practice in the past. But thanks to the interactive training sessions, our vision that was once limited in school was broadened and inspired at the workshops.
Help a child realize their full potential. Give the gift of education.
My achievements are the confidence I’ve gained, the humility I’ve learned, the security in myself, a better relationship with my family and—the most important thing—to remember to always keep God close.
These achievements are not only for myself, but also to help my community so that, day by day, we can develop much more and work to achieve our best.