Teachers learning along with their students in Nicaragua

May 01, 2018
Written by: World Vision Nicaragua; Edited by Katie Hackett

My name is Carolina and I teach Grade 3. In the past, I was just another teacher. I didn’t have all the techniques and tools necessary to encourage reading among my students.
Then I was trained in a methodology to encourage children’s reading habits. We discovered how to use our skills and imagination with stories and poems.
Now I’m an instructor. I work with 10 girls and boys, and we run a reading club. Once a week we meet with 30 children to encourage good reading and comprehension. The parents have been a great support. They participate with their kids, and as a result the children’s academic performance has improved.
For me, the best part is that I’ve strengthened my knowledge as a teacher. I’m sharing good values and using my resources every day.
Help a child realize their full potential. Give the gift of education