Teachers learning along with their students in Nicaragua

May 01, 2018
Children have developed creative skills for reading and creating stories and poems,” says Carolina. “I have been trained in techniques for promoting reading to children in my classroom.” Photo: World Vision

Written by: World Vision Nicaragua; Edited by Katie Hackett

My name is Carolina and I teach Grade 3. In the past, I was just another teacher. I didn’t have all the techniques and tools necessary to encourage reading among my students.
Then I was trained in a methodology to encourage children’s reading habits. We discovered how to use our skills and imagination with stories and poems.
Now I’m an instructor. I work with 10 girls and boys, and we run a reading club. Once a week we meet with 30 children to encourage good reading and comprehension. The parents have been a great support. They participate with their kids, and as a result the children’s academic performance has improved.
For me, the best part is that I’ve strengthened my knowledge as a teacher. I’m sharing good values and using my resources every day.
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