Nurse Alice of Galliness

May 01, 2018
Written by: Joseph Saffa Turay; Edited by Leanna Cappiello
Meet Nurse Alice. She was transferred to the Galliness Perri child health centre in January of 2016 and has lived in the area ever since.
Alice’s nursing career has taken her many places, and she’s worked in difficult situations. Those experiences have given her a good perspective to apply to her work at the Galliness Perri child health centre.
“In my former location, I used to do deliveries with a cell phone light,” she says. “It was very dangerous.”
Now in Galliness Perri: “I have found a lot of health facilities with equipment that—if properly utilized—can assist me, the health system and the surrounding communities.”
Help save lives with vital healthcare and medical supplies.
Being at the child health centre seems a bit like a luxury compared to the unpredictable settings in Alice’s past.
“We’re blessed to have World Vision collaborating with us, implementing health activities for the good of the community,” she says. “Here, we have solar light generation, adequate fuel support, Gift-in-Kind [programs] that provide medicine, and cold chains [to store the vaccines in].”
These amenities bring Alice joy because ultimately, they give children better chances of survival.
“I’m really happy now because I have a functional light to do delivery and the cold chain is always ready with vaccines to immunize the children,” she beams.
Alice’s strong love for people and health care is inspirational. With her final words, she says, “I give my thanks to God, World Vision, and the Galliness Perri community.”