More than a bicycle

Updated Jul 17, 2018
Point A: Irene’s home. At 13, she takes on a lot of the household chores, like fetching water and collecting firewood. Such labourious tasks can exhaust a young girl, especially when they need to be completed in the morning before school begins.
Transportation: on foot. Irene walks from home to school out of necessity. The distance is something she can’t control, but is a real hindrance to her education.
Point B: Irene’s school. She often arrives late to class because of the long commute and her morning duties. She finds it hard to concentrate on lessons and homework.
When Irene received her new wheels, she found immediate relief from the grinding commute to school. Her household responsibilities became smoother and faster because she had the bicycle to help her relieve the intensity. She can now fetch more water and carry more firewood, which also frees her up to work on school and inspires her to excel.
“Since I got the bicycle I’m motivated to wake up early and come to school every day,” says Irene. Independence goes a long way.
Two girls ride on a bike
Buffalo Bicycles, “Built for big loads on tough roads in Africa.” Photo: World Vision
Irene’s grades have improved, which brings her closer to reaching her dream. “I will work hard to become a doctor and treat the sick in the community,” she says.
Irene is one of 460 pupils who’ve received the Buffalo Bicycle so far. That’s 459 more stories of victory over poverty, 459 more bright futures, and we won’t stop here. Love is strong, and so are our kids.
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