Making health a priority for Konseguela’s women and children

May 01, 2018
Written by: World Vision Staff; Edited by Leanna Cappiello

Many children under five in Konseguela aren’t given the nutritious meals they need to grow up strong. In fact, one third of children in this age group suffer from malaria and only 35 per cent of infants have all their vaccinations.

Because a lot of parents don’t have access to the information to recognize signs of malnutrition, children often go without, or will be treated with traditional remedies. What’s worse – Konseguela's lone health center is not equipped to serve the needs of more than 34,000 people and families that need support to learn to prepare nutritious meals using local ingredients.
World Vision stepped in to provide financial and technical support to increase the rate of immunizations for children 0 to 11 months and their mothers. Because of this partnership with the community, prenatal appointments for expectant mothers are becoming a regular habit in 18 villages and counting.

 Photo: World Vision
As part of the fight against malnutrition, the World Vision team sought to promote health and nutrition for pregnant women and their growing children.
 Photo: World Vision
In total, 3,438 women who were pregnant and breastfeeding learned the importance of practices like vaccinations to prevent illness, how to use local foods to create more nutritious meals and the importance of breastfeeding. After all, strong children make for strong communities.
Help children start strong with prenatal support for expecting mothers.