From unemployed to unstoppable

May 01, 2018
Written by: World Vision Mongolia; Edited by Katie Hackett

“I was unmotivated and idle when I was an unemployed,” says Dulamjav. “Many times, my family business bankrupted because the loans we got had such high interest rates.”
Today, Dulamjav leads of one of the 35 business groups in that World Vision has been working with in Outer Arkhangai. Her group specializes in sewing both modern and traditional Mongolian clothing, and recently created dance costumes for some local children.
A lady helps four small girls put on red hats that go with their red dresses.Dulamjav fits some community girls with their dance costumes. Photo: World Vision
“My group members are becoming more skilled and experienced at collaborating with others,” she says. “Also, my communication skills and attitude are improving every day.”
Like Dulamjav, many of the group members were previously unemployed or worked short-term jobs, but with a stable income they are feeling prepared to face the future.
“Now we serve 40% of the community with fashionable, high-quality, affordable products,” says Dulamjav. “Our dream is to establish a cooperative and expand our business.”
Help a hardworking family provide for their children. Invest in a small business.