Baking by the dozen

May 01, 2018
Written by: World Vision Staff; Edited by Kimberly Rupnarain
Julio’s baking business all started with little workshop hosted by a children’s club.
“I wanted to learn how to make bread,” he says. “And I felt very motivated and happy when I heard that I could participate in the workshop.”
After the workshop ended, Julio built his own traditional oven, baking bread for his family, friends and neighbours who all loved it so much, he decided to start a business.
Three young people making mini pizzas.Photo: World Vision
Together with his friends, Julio formed a small company and approached their principal and World Vision to request equipment. Today, his business employs 19 youth.
“World Vision has helped me express what I want to do, work with my peers and think about the things that I want to fulfill,” says Julio. “If it hadn't been for [you], I would not have been able to teach my peers.”