A sponsor’s special surprise

May 01, 2018
 Written by: World Vision Staff; Edited by Leanna Cappiello
Sapana, a nine-year-old sponsored child, is part of a family that struggles with food insecurity, meaning she grew up not having regular, nutritious meals. She struggled with school because she was often hungry.
Being a sponsored child has helped Sapana tremendously on her journey of growth: she is able to attend school and participate in child protection training as well as hand-washing and oral health sessions. All of this has contributed to Sapana’s growing health and well being.
But in January 2017, Sapana got an extra-special something, when she learned that her sponsor had bought her a goat. Upon hearing that a live animal would soon be delivered, Sapana was thrilled and felt incredibly special.
Bring joy to children and families. Give a gift to your sponsored child's community.
Her mother, Sakuntala says, “My daughter is now so much more confident [than she used to be]. She can talk to anybody wherever she is. She was so shy and hesitant to speak before. Now, she’s very interested in school and attends regularly,” says the proud mother. She thanks World Vision for the part they played in enriching her daughter’s life and setting her up for success.