A calling to strengthen family bonds

Even as political instability affects Bolivia, World Vision staff are carrying out their work with dedication.

Loving your job is something to be savoured. For thousands of World Vision employees around the world, they not only invest their time and energy into building a better world for children, they invest their passion too. Doris is one such person.

In Bolivia, there are many family relationships that are broken. The country has the highest incidence of sexual assault against children in Latin America and 90% of Bolivian women are victims to some form of violence in their lives. Children also have few opportunities to be involved in decisions affecting their lives, with parents often not valuing their thoughts or feelings.

A woman sits with a group of school children in a classroom in Bolivia.
Doris with a group of smiling and laughing school kids

“Say with Tenderness”

In this context, the solutions start in the home.

Doris is helping improve relationships between children and parents by delivering a program called “Decir con Ternura” or “Say with Tenderness.” Through training, parents apply strategies that encourage their kids to express their doubts, ideas, or problems.

The whole goal is to create moments of learning, of full love, where tenderness is at the root of communication.

Doris shares her approach to interactions with parents and children: “The simple things that one can offer, like a smile, to be able to help with a word of encouragement or just listen to the families that approach me. That's what motivates me – being in contact with children and families. I relish being able to serve.”

Doris is also proud to empower children in Bolivia to speak up for their rights through children’s clubs and advocacy programs. Teachers, parents and local leaders work with World Vision staff to encourage a culture of peace and respect.

A woman plays with a group of school children on teeter-totters.
Doris interacting with children while they play.

A force for good in her own home

Working in a job that requires giving your full self can be overwhelming, but Doris is committed to her own family and involving them in her work. “I have a husband and two children. They support me a lot in this work because I am away from the house the whole day. I involve my daughter in the weekend activities, she comes and helps with the children. This way, she can see what I do and learn from it.”

Thank you for making progress possible

Thanks to sponsors like you, our programs help the most vulnerable children and their families create paths to safety and improvement in their lives. Because of support from World Vision Canada supporters, 367,061 people were trained on child rights and protection last year around the world.

A woman who works for World Vision sits with a group of five high school girls.
Doris sits with some high school students