Renewed hope for a single mother

Updated Sep 06, 2018
Written by World Vision Uganda; Edited by Kaija Hutteri and Katie Hackett

Like so many parents in the community of Gweri, Dinah had dreams for her children. She hoped they would attain a university degree and build futures unmarked by poverty and struggle for themselves and their families.

When two of her children became gravely ill with malaria, Dinah attempted to treat the illness with traditional herbs. Her husband abandoned the family after both children died, leaving his wife a single mother with no source of income. Putting food on the table became a daily struggle. One by one, Dinah’s remaining children dropped out of school because she could not pay their fees.

Five adults and three children pose to the picture smiling and holding their goats.Dinah and her children with their livestock and citrus trees. Photo: World Vision
The family reached a turning point when her son John, who does not have a sponsor, joined a youth group in their village. The generous support of sponsors impacts not only sponsored children, but their family and community as well. Alongside other youth in his village, John learned how to plant and nurture citrus trees. He shared this knowledge with his mother and siblings.
Through her family’s hard work, Dinah was able to sell over 2,000 citrus tree seedlings and also plant 150 trees around their home. With her earnings, she enrolled her children back in school and had enough money to purchase their school supplies.

Today, Dinah raises livestock and produces a variety of agricultural products. Her daughter Sarah finished a nursing degree and works at a clinic.

“I have learned that life is all about determination, commitment and having hope,” says Dinah, whose next goal is to build a new home for her family. “With that, one can manage.”