Bitter Past, Better Future
Fulfilling a day in the life of typical working-class parents, 40-year-old Samnang* and his wife left their two girls, Chenda* and her younger sister at home. Upon their return, it was clear that something terrible had happened. Chenda was... 

Safety on Stage
“The drama scene is so much fun! I can also learn safety knowledge from it,” says nine-year-old Hui Ying, “I’ve taught my younger brother what I just learned.”  The third-grader lives in a small village. Her parents are migrant workers in...

From the Field Early Marriage, Fistula & FGM: 3 Women Defy the Odds

The days seem few and far between where I don’t read a story in the news about a woman being oppressed or exploited somewhere in the world.

From the Field A father's love: fighting gender discrimination in India

In India, a father is one of the biggest advocates a girl can have.

Tailor-Made Success
What’s the most important thing in your home? For 44-year-old single mother Ariunaa, it’s her sewing machine, which has transformed the struggling homemaker into a professional tailor. Since World Vision donated an electric sewing machine, Ariunaa...

Special Features My trip to India was unforgettable and so is this shocking fact
Everyone knows Indian weddings are extravagant, colourful and dazzling. When I received the invite from one of my best friends to attend her “brother’s” wedding in India, I couldn’t say no.

From the Field 17 reasons to hope in 2017

Hope shines a light in the darkness. It’s infectious, even healing. But what is there to be hopeful for? Let’s look at the year ahead with 17 reasons to have hope in 2017.

More than Practice Leaders
We are practicing at being leaders in the future,” says Prakash, a 16-year-old boy from Doti East. We’re sitting in a low-roofed building close to the high school campus, where Prakash is the chairperson of the “child club.”

The room is filled...

Plant a Seed, Grow a Future
Fields, forests and farms provide food for families in Yodamphone's village" but it's not always enough, especially if you have eight mouths to feed. Together with his wife, Pha, Yodamphone has six children.

A Sweet Source of Income
Chhaliheng, 11, is a Grade 4 student. He likes helping his dad collect honey from the forest nearby. The sponsored child is helpful at home, too. After school he does house chores and takes care of his little brother. It helps spell off... 

From the Field See how children celebrate Christmas around the world

At World Vision we’re blessed to work in nearly 100 countries around the world. Not everyone celebrates Christmas, but there are many, many families who do. We get an inside look at all the different ways people celebrate Christmas around the world, and we wanted to share just a few of our favourite stories.

From the Field Prarthana’s wish: story of a young teacher
Prathana (13) gives her time and skills reading to children in her neighbourhood, to help improve their reading skills and provide mentorship.

From the Field One stitch at a time
Yupida empowers six other women to join her in a new business endeavour, while their husbands give their time to take over household duties.

A Story of Transformation
Ovini, 15, is always at the top of her class. But it wasn’t easy for her to go to school. Her father didn’t earn a lot of money, so her parents were overjoyed when she was sponsored through World Vision at age seven. Ovini poses with her proud...

From the Field Christmas sheep help families thrive in Mongolia
Dulamsuren is a 12 year-old girl in Mongolia. She lives with her family in this house, called a ger. A few winters ago, a blizzard devastated her father's herd of sheep and goats. 

Cash Transfers Assisting Typhoon Survivors
One of the harshest repercussions of Typhoon Haiyan is that it pushed the poorest families even deeper into poverty. These are people who lost everything, including their loved ones, homes, and jobs.  Cash assistance is helping Jovy and her baby...

The Benefits of Breastfeeding
“I didn't know that breastfeeding has so many benefits for me and my child," says Heidi, 21, single mom to one-year-old Patrick. Heidi and Patrick at home in Sorsogon. Photo: World Vision. Because her husband left them, Heidi has to rely on her...

Pastor Stanley's Change of Heart

Stanley is a pastor in South Cotabato, but in the past he wasn’t focused on caring for children. “I didn’t think of defending children’s rights as part of God’s creation,” he admits. Stanley attended a week of child protection training along with...

A Renewed Vision for Marife
Marife used to be constantly stressed. Besides working at a day care, she helped her husband sell fish. They worried and argued over money, and sometimes Marife lashed out at her children. Afterward, she’d feel frustrated with herself, and her... 

Change Makers Actress Laura Vandervoort launches jewelry line

In early 2015, Vandervoort went on the journey of a lifetime to Kenya, to see the different projects that World Vision offers the community.

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