New hope through gardening

Updated Sep 06, 2018
Written by World Vision Zimbabwe; Edited by Kaija Hutteri and Katie Hackett

Banjiwe’s husband passed away ten years ago, leaving her with three young daughters to raise alone. Her family’s sole source of income was the small plot of land they used to grow grains. Without the help of her husband, she struggled to make ends meet.

“Unlike many other families in my community, I was not able to afford oxen to plough our field,” says Banjiwe. “This meant that a large portion of the income I earned from the small amount of grain I harvested was used to pay the men I hired to plough my field.”

As a single mother, Banjiwe could no longer meet her children’s needs with earnings from her land alone. To earn extra income, she began working as a farm labourer for other families in her village. Despite her efforts, she still could not afford to send her eldest daughter to high school.

Banjiwe was not alone in her struggles. Many parents in the community of Sikobokobo face similar difficulties in providing education and nutritious food for their children. Thankfully, with the support of Canadian sponsors, we’ve been able to equip mothers and fathers with skills that will help them provide for their children now and throughout their lives.

Alongside other families, Banjiwe learned how to grow tomatoes, carrots, beets and other vegetables. Learning this skill allowed her to change her family’s situation and build a much brighter future.

Banjiwe’s three daughters now help their mother with the garden and enjoy fresh vegetables every day. The family also earns income by selling the vegetables they grow, which has allowed Banjiwe to pay for her daughters’ school fees and supplies. Her eldest daughter will attend high school next year.

Since the training, Banjiwe sees a great change in many other families in her community as well. Other parents who once struggled to meet their children’s needs are now growing vegetables and using them to nurture and support their children. She is grateful for the support of Canadian sponsors that has made this transformation possible.

“I am glad to see all my children happy and going to school,” says Banjiwe. “I used to think that I was useless without my husband, but I have realized that I am fully capable of providing for my family.”