A father's love: fighting gender discrimination in India

Feb 03, 2017
10-Minute Read

In India, a father is one of the biggest advocates a girl can have. Gender discrimination is a major issue in this traditionally patriarchal society, even though India’s constitution has granted men and women equal rights.

Along with a lack of acknowledgment of these rights, harmful traditional practices have severely hampered the progress of women in the country.

But a father’s support can make a world of difference. With their help, girls can go to school instead of staying home to take care of their siblings, going to work, or even worse, being married off at very young ages.

Promod Kumar wants to be the kind of father who stands up for his daughter.

“I wanted to change the way society looks at girls,” he says. “But I did not know how to do this.”

To help Promod (and other fathers' in the community) advocate for his 12-year-old daughter, Riya, World Vision started the Men Care Group. Through his work with the group, Promod learned about how traditions such as early marriage, dowry, early pregnancy and female infanticide, impede the advancement of girls.

"We need to make children, especially girls, feel special and wanted! I want my daughter to follow the profession that interests her. She has equal rights like the boys,” Promod now states proudly.

Today, Promod sees his daughter as an important member of his family.

“I have learned that whatever her desire, we should try fulfilling it and not ignoring it. I used to ignore her grievances but now I listen carefully and try to find a solution."

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With files from Annila Harris