The garden of promises: how Chansamone feeds her family during COVID-19

Lettuce, chilis, cucumbers, long beans, corns - Chansamone’s garden abounds of fresh and appetizing vegetables. A fence made of cactus protects the rich flora grown with natural, non-chemical fertilizers. A garden that will provide food for her and the 13 members of her household.

However, Chansamone's life has never been easy. As a single mother, it has been challenging to provide the needs of her son, including her parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters.

A woman smiles with a kid in a vegetable garden.

Providing food for a big family is increasingly difficult. Although Chansamone works as a teacher in her village, her way to escape from her struggle is gardening. It's a long-time passion that also had its troubles.

"I love gardening so much, especially during the harvest season," says Chansamone.

"I mainly do home gardening for the consumption of my household, with natural and sometimes chemical fertilizers to help to grow. I used it to avoid the damages from insects and aphids, especially on the long beans and cucumbers, but it is costly."

When COVID-19 arrived in Laos last March, the government announced a lockdown, closing local markets. Parents had fewer ways to feed their children. Because of caring donors like you, resources for gardening helped parents nourish their children in the face of a global pandemic.

Chansamone’s garden is an inspiration to the rest of her village. She is considered as a hidden hero to her family and is making a significant impact in her community.