A world of classrooms

Sep 02, 2016
10-Minute Read
As Canadian children get ready for back-to-school next week, they’re joining millions of children who are learning all around the world.

Some study in school buildings with desks and chalkboards. Others learn under a tree, on a mountaintop, or in a refugee camp.  

So often, people like you play a critical role in helping children in poverty and making education possible for children whose lives might otherwise be drastically limited. 

See how, by partnering with World Vision Canada, your love is helping children learn.

In Somalia, three girls sit in a World Vision learning centre with other students, and they are all smiling.

Somali refugee children dreaming of continuing their education were growing depressed and hopeless in this camp in Ethiopia. Their smiles have returned, thanks to World Vision’s informal learning centres.
On a mountain in Peru, a group of children wearing traditional dress dance together.

In Peru, young children sing in their native South American language at a World Vision preschool. Early childhood helps prepare them for the challenge of learning Spanish in kindergarten.
A boy studies by candlelight in Myanmar.
In Myanmar, Htet used to lie awake worrying how his parents would repay their debts. Now, thanks to sponsorship, his parents have the tools to earn money. Htet’s evenings are now about studying. Transform a child's life, sponsor a child.
A child who fled the war in Syria holds her last report card.
An eight-year-old refugee who fled the violence in Syria wistfully holds her last report card from home. In Lebanon, Jouri’s parents can’t afford to send her to school. Help provide learning centres for Syrian refugee children.
A girl raises her hand in her classroom in Bangladesh. She is surrounded by female classmates.
Street children and child labourers are eager pupils at this learning centre run by World Vision in Bangladesh. Reading, writing and arithmetic help open doors to different, more rewarding futures.
Students sit in their Ugandan classroom and read their local paper in pairs.
World Vision partnered with a Ugandan newspaper, the Daily Monitor, to supply daily papers to local schools. The reading broadens students’ knowledge base, while encouraging a lifetime of reading. Help stock a classroom.
Three girls sit together with other students and work on crafts in the West Bank. One girls smiles at camera.
In the West Bank, this remedial education program helps children who are struggling with confidence and self-esteem. The school, supported by World Vision, welcomes children from two different cultural groups that would not normally mix.
Extreme close up of boy writing at a desk in school, in Peru.
In Peru, David was withdrawn and frightened because of a tough family life. His teacher intervened at home and used games and songs to teach David to read. “I like books,” he says now, with a whole new confidence. Send a child to school.
A group of children hold hands and head to their school in South Africa
South African children head to school in their Area Development Program. The youngest girls and boys are learning the basics of conflict resolution through a special World Vision program – and even teaching their parents.
6 Cambodian boys laugh together, while the child in the middle holds a soccer ball.
In Cambodia, eleven-year-old Heang’s ability to resolve playground conflicts has earned him a position as leader. He teaches these social skills to the other students – and gets to take care of the ball! Provide children with soccer balls for recess.
In a classroom in Vietnam, toddlers lie down side by side for naps, while their teacher reads close by.
Vietnamese preschoolers snuggle down for their afternoon nap. Even in this remote, mountainous area, World Vision helps ensure teachers are trained, supply closets stocked and a daily lunch provided.