"I feel like I can fully participate in life again"

Feb 02, 2016
10-Minute Read
Justine, 31, is a wife, mother and rape survivor from the Eastern DRC who found purpose after joining a savings group, supported by generous donors like you. This is her testimony.
My name is Justine. I am 31 years old, married and the mother of five children—four boys and one girl.
I have gone through a very difficult time in my life. One day, when I was going to our field, I was attacked and raped. I was not able to share this with my husband because I was afraid he would divorce me.
We were living with my in-laws, and it was very hard to not share this with anyone. I used to be very unhappy and hopeless. I didn’t even want to see other people. I was afraid to leave the house.
I was also very sad for my children. They stayed at home because we couldn’t afford to pay for their school fees and they were often hungry because we didn’t have enough to eat.
I was asked to become a member of a savings group, and this started to change my life. I found good friends in the group and I felt my joy and hope returning. I learned how to save money and how to get a loan. Now I can buy and sell crops like sorghum.
The money I make helps me pay for my children’s school fees and support their health care. They aren’t hungry anymore.
I feel like I can fully participate in life again. I have respect from my husband and my community. I am very thankful to World Vision for introducing the savings group to my community.