Christmas sheep help families thrive in Mongolia

Nov 21, 2016
10-Minute Read
Dulamsuren is a 12 year-old girl in Mongolia. She lives with her family in this house (above), called a ger. A few winters ago, a blizzard devastated her father's herd of sheep and goats. 

That could have been the end of the story. But thanks to amazing World Vision Gift Catalogue donors, Dulamsuren's family received 20 new sheep. The gift has helped them thrive.

Three smiling women of different ages stand together, the oldest holding a plate of white circular patties
One of the benefits of the gift has been that the family flock of sheep and goats has grown! Dulamsuren, her mother Dolgosuren, and her grandmother Surenkhorloo are able to make dried, fermented milk patties from goat's milk to eat and sell. The food is highly nutritious and a source of income for their family.

A man and a woman in a World Vision shirt stand in a greenhouse smiling holding green produce
Dulamsuren's family also benefits from a greenhouse set up by World Vision. Here, her father Boldbaatar and World Vision staff member Nasanbayar, enjoy some of the fruits of the community's labour. 

A girl looks toward the camera as she writes an addition problem on the green chalkboard
As a sponsored child, Dulamsuren is getting a quality education that makes the future look bright!

A herd of goats and sheep in the yellow glow of the sun with mountains in the distance
The family herd is bathed in the golden glow of sunset and prosperity. All because of givers like you! Light up some lives yourself with this year's Gift Catalogue donations. 

Photos by Jon Warren.