Xiujuan Says Goodbye to Freezing Showers

Dec 14, 2015
Just one mention of the new solar water heater in her community, and Xiujuan's face reveals a brilliant smile. She lives in the mountains, where weather conditions can be more severe and winters are cold.

People here rely on firewood to heat their water, so a warm bath is considered a luxury. 

Gathering firewood makes life difficult for families like Xiujuan's. Not only does it take time away from other valuable tasks like earning income, deforestation is hurting the local environment.

To make life easier while promoting alternate energy sources, World Vision provided Xiujuan's community with solar heating equipment and brought people together to start construction of a bathroom where people could bathe and get warm water.

Xiujuan's family immediately got involved in the project, and she was beyond excited when she turned on the tap and saw warm water flow for the first time.

"To bathe in the winter is really hard," she explains. "Now with solar energy, I'm here every week taking a bath. I feel clean, even in the cold."

Provide the gift of life with clean water and sanitation.