A Story of Transformation

May 11, 2017

​Local leader Jose Matias, 72, remembers the time when everyday life was a struggle. Basic services were scarce and social problems widespread. 

“When I moved to Ventanilla in 1999, every day was a shocking reality,” said Jose. “I was particularly moved when I thought about children who were born in the middle of this situation.”

Today, Jose looks toward a better future for the entire community. There have been many successes, including a joint effort between governments, local leaders, and World Vision that brought clean water and proper sanitation to 80% of families.
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“It was a dream come true,” said Jose. “In the past I had to buy water from trucks and my children used to get sick frequently because of the sanitation issue. My family life [has] changed dramatically.”
Improved services have helped fight anaemia, and support for families to access a government housing program has helped them replace homes of straw, plastic, and cardboard to better protect children.
“It is very rewarding to know that more children [...] will have the chance for a brighter future,” said World Vision’s Ronald Llerena.