An unexpected business venture

Oct 28, 2016
By World Vision Mexico; Edited by Katie Hackett

Almost 17 years ago, Esteban travelled to a different city for work. During lunch, he was invited to a trout restaurant located next to a spring where fish were being bred. Amazed by the landscape and by the food, he decided to start selling trout in his own community. It was a rare commodity where he came from.

After purchasing three kilograms of trout, he became a trout distributor, an activity that he carried out for the next three years.

“I used to take the fish from one place to another on a donkey,” says Esteban. But the demand kept increasing in his community, and it was time to expand.

Esteban built three fish tanks at home and bought trout for breeding. His wife and five eldest children started to help him in the business. They all attended special courses to learn more about the breeding process.  

Help a hardworking family provide for their children. Invest in a small business.

About six years ago, Esteban got the first of several loans from World Vision to expand his business further.  

He’s made good use of the money, buying fish, nets, materials and equipment to keep the tanks in good condition, and buying pickup trucks to distribute the fish to buyers.

During these years, Esteban has become an important supplier in five municipalities. And his family has seen the benefits. Five years ago, they added a second level to their home. Now Esteban can easily cover the expenses of his five youngest children, who are still in school.

This hardworking dad doesn’t waste a minute. He talks proudly of his achievements, but also about his future plans. He dreams of opening a small restaurant, right in the middle of the woods where his house is located.

In the meantime, the whole family of 12 children—plus grandchildren—get to enjoy delicious trout dishes cooked over firewood.