Labs and Libraries

Jul 19, 2017
By Meron Belay; Edited by Leanna Cappiello 

Schools in some regions don’t have libraries or laboratories. Where could students have access to books and hands-on research to support their classroom lessons? Because of the lack of resources, students were only exposed to their small world inside the school.

“Internalizing the theoretical part of our education was one of our tough challenges,” recalls Abdulselam, a student.

With the goal to improve the quality of education in schools, World Vision collaborated with the community to build new labs and libraries. The spaces were equipped with updated materials, and teachers were provided training on how to develop lessons using materials.

Now, students enjoy reading books in well-established libraries and carry out experiments in laboratories. These resources helped students to enjoy school more fully and improve their school performance.

Supply a classroom​ and help children flourish in school.