More Than Just a Blanket

May 11, 2017
By Simon Peter Esaku; Edited by Leanna Cappiello

​Purple, white, grey and blue: Peter’s got a blanket, and it’s warm, too! 

The nights are chilly, but little six-year-old Peter stays warm and cozy under his brand-new blanket. Before the donations reached the 100 impoverished and vulnerable children in the Tubur area, the cold nights were a lot harder to handle. Many children lacked proper bedding.

For the six-year-old Peter, there is no doubt that his new blanket is better than the old cloth he used to cover himself with in bed at night. 

Now, thanks to the donated blankets, Peter and his peers are protected from the cold and illnesses like bronchitis, pneumonia and asthma. Poverty is widespread in Uganda, and this especially leaves kids in flat or rural areas more susceptible to disease and danger.

“The new blanket is warm at night. I also like it because of its coloured squares,” says Peter, the ever-smiling boy.
The donations were facilitated by a World Vision campaign which provided 2,735 blankets to Uganda. There was plenty of warmth to go around, and Peter’s four-year-old sister, Dolokasi, and his two friends, Joel and Sam, each got a blanket as well.

Protect children from the cold with warm clothing.

Peter’s father says he was waiting to harvest maize and sell it so that he could afford to buy Peter and his siblings blankets. “The arrival of the blanket is timely,” he says.

Parents and children in the Tubur community express their heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the donation of blankets. Thank you, donors!